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Artistic Statement - Who Is EBENLO?

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Eric B. Lopez, known as EBENLO, The Painter of Song, merges his talents in fine art creating most often in musical themes at

Originally from Rupert, Idaho, the artist's journey into art was nurtured by mentors like Robert C. Moore, Ted Bradshaw, and Karen Hansen, fostering a diverse style spanning graphic pop to indirect realism (indirect realism is painting from the reality of one's mind). His life, enriched by global travels and overcoming adversity, he pours into his one-of-a-kind handcrafted works.

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My name is Eric Benjamin Lopez, from which I created EBENLO as a suitable artistic amalgam of my given name.  E-ric BEN-jamin LO-pez, see?  I also call myself "Painter of Song," as I paint musically inclined works as a fine artist.



Ebenlo ‘Eric’ (1976) – American Artist, EBENLO, born June 16, 1976, in Rupert, Idaho, to a loving family. Working in American Contemporary Fine Art, Surrealistic Nouveau Pop Art, and Indirect Realism in a variety of media.

Ebenlo studied with the famous American-Impressionist Robert C. Moore as an apprentice. Robert graduated from the Art Center of Pasadena, California with honors.

Ebenlo studied under close friend and video game artist, Ted Bradshaw for at least a decade. Ted graduated from the Art Center of Pasadena as well.

Ebenlo is a veteran and traveled the world in the U.S. Air Force.  He even lived in South Korea for a year, and has an affinity for the Korean people, Korean food, and Asian cuisine.

The artist has survived hardship, and was in a coma for about 3 days in November 2013.  The doctors involved in aiding treatment said it must've been caused by the prescription medications he was taking at the time.

Ebenlo has studied art seriously since his youth and even has work hanging in a museum in Tennessee.

Ebenlo's style ranges from graphic pop art to indirect realism (meaning he often paints reality as he sees it in his mind's eye) to gritty caricatures in a way unparalleled. 

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I hope you enjoy my work, and look forward to more of it!

Thanks for reading.


Eric Benjamin Lopez

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