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The Latest Painter of Song NEWS!

Posted by ERIC LOPEZ on

Recently, I began creating music again.

I formerly had a focus on only my art work, but one day, while I was painting, I had an urge to write a song.  So I sat down at my music studio and began writing.  The song simply flowed out of me, quite quickly, and that song became "Simpler Times".  After writing this song, during the days following, 5 more songs came to me quite quickly.  So I've been writing quite a lot of music lately.

One of the songs I recently posted is an older recording of "Good Night".  This song was both vocals and guitar recorded into one track.  However, with modern mastering tools I was able to bring the vocals up-front and center into the mix.  I like the way it sounds now, and have high hopes for this song.

I also recently began advertising my fine art wares on Twitter.  I am hoping to earn some sales this Christmas buying season.  Here is a picture of a t-shirt which features the art "Aurora Green": 

I hope you enjoy my wares and purchase some of them as gifts!
Have a wonderful day!



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