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Song: "Delicate Stranger" by EBENLO



ebenlo · Delicate Stranger

I saw you today

I saw you stirring with your sugar

And your cream

It might be better if it were a dream

But I can only wish it to be

Because today

I saw you


'Cause now, I can’t sleep

Then again

Sleep leads to dreams

Visions of you

And that would be just fine

Just fine by me

Just fine


And now I’ll be there tomorrow

And the day after that

And the next day

And the next

With bells on

Maybe you’ll help me out

And drop your handkerchief


I don’t even know

I don’t even know your name

I’ll bet it’s just beautiful

I’ll bet it just rings

Will I ever see you again

I hope so

I hope so


©2023 EBENLO/Eric B. Lopez (ASCAP), All Rights Reserved.